Mountain Dulcimers Handcrafted in Tennessee

Mountain Dulcimers handcrafted by Joe & Sharon Babb.

  • We select the finest woods for our dulcimers to create musical instruments that are beautiful both visually and musically.
  • Top and bottom panels are one piece solid wood.
  • All of our dulcimers have been played by us to ensure quality of tone and intonation.
  • Our dulcimers come with Sharon’s new book which will tell you everything you need to know to play and maintain your instrument.  Check out Sharon’s Mountain Dulcimer Book for details.
  • Beautifully handcrafted, full size 3 string instruments.  String length 28.125 inches.  Length overall 35″.  Maximum width 6.75″.  Thickness including fretboard is 3″.

Click on thumbnails below for details about each instrument and about Sharon’s new book.  We’ve sold all our dulcimers and are busy making more so keep checking back to see what’s new in the store.xmas-songbook

Poplar Dulcimer handcrafted by Joe & Sharon Babb

Poplar dulcimer with poplar leaf soundholes.

maple dulcimer with F hole sound holes

maple dulcimer with F hole sound holes

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